postheadericon shipping a salvaged car

Shipping a salvaged car is not an easy process. It requires lots of care, attention, and special equipment. Preparing a salvaged vehicle for shipping presents unique difficulties that Empire Auto Transportation is prepared to handle with the utmost care. Empire Auto Transportation is able to ship non-running and wrecked cars. Our salvage vehicle transport allows us to ship any car despite how wrecked it could be.
Most transporters won’t insure the salvaged car during its transport. Due to the fragile nature of the cars, the transport company refuses to be responsible for any damage caused during the shipping process resulting from the vehicle’s prior accident.

The transport specialists will secure all loose car parts the best they can. This will help prevent anything from falling off during the transport. However, it is still not the responsibility of the transport company to pay for any lost parts.
A forklift isn’t the only piece of equipment that is needed by the transport company if they’re to ship salvaged cars. With the use of equipment not typically needed for the transport of an operable vehicle, you may notice an upcharge on your final bill. It all depends on what the shipping experts must do to safely deliver the car to its destination.
As a customer of the shipping a salvaged car, you will have some responsibilities of your own. It’s important to fulfill anything asked of you if you wish for the process of shipping to go along smoothly. These responsibilities will keep the car and those caring for its delivery safer.

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